Saturday, January 23, 2010

Doodles on Driftwood

We heard the thunder rolling in, and could see the behemoth storm clouds making their way over the water. "Acho que esta a chover em Paquite agora!" I think it's raining in Paquite now! I said of the bairro both across town and across the bay. Living on Lake Erie, I'd always been told growing up that it's not safe to be by the water when the storms come in-they come in quickly and with waterspouts...I can only imagine being on the shore of the Indian Ocean when these cumulonimbus spectres moved in. So I hurried along my steadfast companions Irene, 9 and Mariama, 4 to gather up our bags of bread and mangoes and head home. Six hours later and not a single drop of rain! Having regrets about vacating the beach in vain, I was placated by the splotches of thick marigold-tinted sunlight that shown through my curtains as the rain clouds claimed the sky and brought with them the relief of an evening breeze. And let me tell you, there's nothing as sweet as stepping out on the veranda after a hot, humid Saturday of housework and letting the wind hit your face. ...That's all for now! Apologies for the short posts, but it's no fun typing on a cellphone. ;)

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