Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goat Radar

Have you ever wanted to punch a goat in the face? I love animals, don't get me wrong. A fluffy kitty is nice, a happy go-lucky dog is fantastic. Yeah, geckos and fish and the blue swallows by the sea are neat. But really, truly I could see myself with bloody knuckles on the way to work sometime very soon. Please, dear reader, do not inform PETA of my hypothetical undertakings. You see... this goat, this loud, obnoxious yard-dweller seems to have taken it upon herself to be my very own personal alarm clock. At dawn, her vocal expressions are manifested by a barbaric, nasal ("waa-aa-aaaa") yop, incremental by three seconds or less. At mid-day or evening time, her whines are less frequent, yet are indistinguishable from the chorus of infant/toddler cry. I have not requested you, billy goat, nor would I ever, for you come with no money-back guarantee or snooze button.

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